Lajala & Associates is a registered investment advisor with the State of California. As such, we provide professional management of investor assets using top-performing no-load mutual funds.

Our goal: to allow clients to participate in gains during rising market periods, and to preserve clients' capital in declining markets-without risk of picking individual stocks.

At the same time, because we recommend only no-load investments, you save money because you do not pay any fund commissions.

We are compensated through our fee schedule based on client portfolio values (we do not manage or offer advice to any mutual fund, so are always objective-never partial to any particular fund or fund group).

We work closely with all our clients, irrespective of portfolio size, regularly review investment goals and market conditions to insure that each portfolio contains the funds best-suited to the individual owner's needs and objectives.

Client assets are invested in two or more no-load stock, bond, and money market funds. We have discretion to exchange these mutual fund shares for shares of other funds, based on our analyses of fund performance, current market conditions, and expectations of future conditions.

Lajala & Associates does not limit itself to one fund family for the purpose of facilitating switching as many other advisors do. Instead we use Charles Schwab, discount brokers, as a flexible base of operations to move among hundreds of funds. We take advantage of an exceptionally low commission structure from Schwab--in some cases FREE-and find the great flexibility of this arrangement enhances returns sufficiently to more than offset their fees.

Lajala & Associates is gives discretion with respect to the investment and exchange of clients' funds, but does not have custody of client funds or securities.


"We take advantage of
an exceptionally low commission structure
from Schwab"

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